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U2U Spring Hackathon: Webinar 2: Building The Future - Transitioning From Coder To Builder

We are excited to invite you to a special webinar as part of U2U Spring Hackathon series, aimed at exploring the journey from being a coder to becoming a builder - those who create real value by solving market problems with technology. And a chance to get an exclusive NFT from the Uniceran NFTs Collection, valued at up to $40/NFT.


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Webinar 2: Building the Future - Transitioning from Coder to Builder

Date & Time: 29th February 2024, 20:00 - 21:30 (UTC+7)

Platform: U2 DEV DAO Discord Channel 

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  • Understanding the distinct differences between coders and builders.
  • The role of builders in product development and addressing real-world market challenges.

Guest Speakers: A lineup of esteemed speakers will be revealed right after this announcement!


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    • Presentation: Builders vs. Coders: Unraveling the Essential Contrasts in Web3 Projects
    • Presentation: Decoding the Role of Builders
    • Panel Discussion
  • Q&A  

Join this Webinar, if you are:

  • Projects and individuals registered for the hackathon.
  • Individual coders and builders are interested in web3.

This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge, connect with leading experts, and elevate your project to new heights. Join us to gain insights from forward-thinking leaders in the industry!

Wait, there are more! Join us at Webinar 2 for a chance to add an exclusive NFT from the Uniceran NFTs Collection to your digital wallet, valued at up to $40/NFT. And a chance to get an exclusive AIRDROP! 

This is your golden opportunity to receive a free NFT packed with incredible benefits:

  • Exclusive Airdrops: Stand a chance to receive an airdrop from U2DPN worth up to $50.
  • Premium Customs: Get a chance to own a high-quality custom in the 
  • Additional Perks: Stay tuned for more benefits exclusive to NFT holders!


How To Get The Free NFTs? 

Be present 

We'll distribute NFTs at TWO SURPRISE MOMENTS via QR codes. Make sure you're there to scan and claim.

Be active and Ask questions

Participants who are actively engaged and ask live questions during the Q&A section will receive additional NFTs. 

Comment your questions

    • Follow @uniultra_xyz on X 
  • Comment your question + U2U wallet address + Tag 3 friends on this POST
  • TWO comments will be picked during the Q&A section and each owner will get an Uniceran NFT. 

NOTE: You could receive up to THREE exclusive NFTs during this event. Ensure your U2U Super App is set up to claim your rewards!

For more details and to register for U2U Spring Hackathon: 

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