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Partnership For The Next Big Things: U2U Network x Avinya Labs

Unicorn Ultra Network is officially partnering with Avinya Labs - a premiere agency that provides full-stack Development & Marketing services to startups and enterprises. This alliance is poised to drive sustainable development and promote impeccable innovation in the dynamic Web3 domain. 

We are excited to announce a promising partnership between U2U Network and Avinya Labs that provides comprehensive development and marketing solutions to support startups and enterprises operating in the blockchain realm.

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U2U Network is at the forefront of the Web3 ecosystem, offering a highly scalable, secure, and reliable infrastructure. Our core technology is notably DAG-based and EVM-compatible, catering to the need for infinite scalability in real-world applications. U2U's infrastructure is tailored for complex, high-performance decentralized applications, and is committed to delivering the one-stop solution for enterprise-level needs.

Meanwhile, Avinya Lab is a Tech company that is dedicated to providing end-to-end IT solutions to clients across different industries, especially in the Blockchain industry. The core team's experienced members are serial entrepreneurs who previously founded PinnacleIT and Infeon Tech. It is their combined experience of 35+ years in the IT services industry. They are a team of professionals and experts in different domains with a vision of providing on-time solutions at one stop. Avinya Lab possesses a diverse range of skills and expertise with years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of clients' requirements. 

The partnership between U2U Network and Avinya Labs is poised to redefine the landscape for startup Web3 and Blockchain projects. By aligning with the U2U Foundation, Avinya Labs commits to serving as a pivotal strategic resource for an array of startups, as well as for accelerators and incubators under the Foundation's umbrella. This relationship is not only about providing expert guidance but also involves a unique service cost agreement directly negotiated between Avinya Labs and the individual projects. Additionally, commission arrangements are tailored per contract, ensuring a customized approach to fostering growth and innovation within these burgeoning projects.

Both entities are also dedicated to mutual promotion, agreeing to support each other's marketing efforts to maximize their reach and impact within the crypto and blockchain communities. In a significant move to publicize this collaboration, the U2U Foundation will feature the Avinya Labs logo as a partner on its platforms and announce the partnership to its extensive community. Moreover, Unicorn Ultra is set to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Avinya Labs. This announcement will highlight Avinya Labs' role as a strategic resource, further solidifying its position within the U2U Foundation's network and showcasing its commitment to supporting the development of early-stage projects on its network.

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As we step into the new chapter, the partnership between U2U Network and Avinya Labs is set to create a ripple effect across various industries, showcasing the vast potential of the Blockchain realm. This collaboration is not just a step towards technological advancement; it's a leap into a future where we together redefine the landscape for startup Web3 and Blockchain projects as well as fostering growth and innovation within these burgeoning landscape. 

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