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How to mint UniAstro NFT with U2U Wallet?

How to mint UniAstro NFT with U2U Wallet? Advantages of minting via U2U Wallet. Read this article for more detailed information.

Minting UniAstro NFT via U2U Wallet brings more convenience in manipulation thanks to a straightforward interface and ensures security for each wallet owner. 

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UniAstro is the campaign that allows the community and participants to join the Testnet phase of the U2U Blockchain. This campaign also helps investors, builders, and developers to see the initial results and prove the U2U team's technological capabilities and the potential of the Unicorn Ultra blockchain ecosystem. 

By minting the NFT following a consistent concept and story, UniAstro gives participants a chance to get valuable rewards after Mainnet. Including five NFT collections, UniAstro currently successfully finished the first collection - UniAstro Eggs - and is ready to kick off the second collection. 

Until now, we know how to mint UniAstro NFT via the website. The U2U Dev Team worked harder to bring two new methods with more straightforward and effortless, aiming to help participants have better user experiences. It's via U2U Wallet and U2NFT (the NFT Marketplace of the U2U Ecosystem). 

This article will share how to mint UniAstro NFT with U2U Wallet, and when U2NFT officially launches, we will update you soon! 

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how to mint UniAstro NFT with U2U Wallet   

What is U2U Wallet? - a multi cryptocurrency wallet application

U2U Wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet application that enables users to access and secure their digital assets. It is decentralized, non-custodial, supports multi-chain, and allows safely interacting with DApps across supported blockchains. 

U2U Wallet is a hot wallet and is currently available on smartphones. Participants can easily download it via Google Play (if Android OS) or AppStore (if iOS) to install it. 

You can learn more about U2U Wallet and how to create a new wallet via this link

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Advantages of minting via U2U Wallet

  • Convenience: U2U Wallet, with its friendly UX, is easy to manipulate, even with newbies. 
  • Succinctly: Minting via U2U Wallet faster with fewer steps. 
  • Security: Minting via a web browser may cause leakages in the wallet information or hacked risks. U2U Wallet, with its safety, helps the owner secure everything. 
  • Accessibility: U2U Wallet integrates with other U2U products and 3rd party partners, bringing more options to do with your NFT. 

How to mint UniAstro NFT with U2U Wallet?

Step 1: Open U2U Wallet and choose the left interface: DAPP BROWSER

how -to-mint-step-1 

Step 2: Choose the Uni-Astro Eggs Dapp tab in U2U. 

how -to-mint-step-2 

Step 3: In the main interface, select CONNECT WALLET

how -to-mint-step-3 

Step 4: Click Wallet Connect. At the Mobile tab, click Connect.

how -to-mint-step-4 

Step 5: Click CONFIRM to verify the U2U network. 

how -to-mint-step-5 

Step 6: Click SIGN to confirm. 

how -to-mint-step-6 

Step 7: Click MINT, then click CONFIRM to start mint NFT. Please note that your balance needs to meet the price and gas fees. 

how -to-mint-step-7 

Step 8: Waiting for the process. When the pop-up "Success: Mint Successfully" appears, you are done with your minting. 

how -to-mint-step-8 

Step 9: Click Back to return the main interface of the U2U Wallet. Now you can check your NFT at tab NFTs

how -to-mint-step-9 

Please note that each wallet addresses only mints one NFT/collection. UniAstro also requires must complete each collection as a condition to join the following mint. In case of trouble in the mint process, please contact our @U2U_Support on Telegram for quick and accurate assistance. 

As posed above, UniAstro is one of the chances for the community to join the U2U Blockchain's Testnet phase, promising valuable rewards after Mainnet. Simultaneously, participants can experience the essential products of the U2U Ecosystem, such as U2U Wallet and U2NFT. 

Minting UniAstro NFT is attractive, so the U2U Team wants to get as many participants as possible. Thereby helping us check the performance of the ecosystem to make timely improvements, ensuring the best user experience. So, please keep following us and join all the tasks to help build the robust U2U blockchain ecosystem. The above article has helped you learn how to mint UniAstro NFT with U2U Wallet.

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