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How to get U2U testnet coin

Looking for how to get U2U testnet coin? There are two easy ways you can do it: the Meet to Earn feature and the U2U Faucet.

If you're eager to earn U2U testnet coins, you're in the right place. This blog post will introduce you to two methods to obtain U2U testnet coins: the "Meet to Earn" feature and the U2U Faucet. By utilizing these tools, you'll be able to simulate transactions and test the functionality of your application without the need for real U2U coins. Whether you're a developer, a crypto enthusiast, or just looking to try out a new platform, read on to learn more about these exciting opportunities. 

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Before we dive into the details of how to get U2U testnet coin, let's take a moment to explain what they are. Testnet tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that is used for testing purposes, allowing developers to experiment with different applications and features without risking real funds. U2U testnet coins are no exception, and with the "Meet to Earn" feature and the U2U Faucet, you can get your hands on them easily. Now, let's explore the first method - "Meet to Earn."


What is the Testnet?

Veterans in this industry would be familiar with the concept of Testnet. In this separate blockchain, developers can experiment with its features, find bugs, and suggest new features to perfect the main network. The primary task of this test is to find vulnerabilities that may emerge that hackers can exploit — resulting in people losing money. 

Because blockchain is a sophisticated network, there are unpredictable fraughtings when adding new functions and tools; in the worst scenario, enormous consequences can influence the entire. So, it needs to be aggressively tested under a plethora of plans before the official launch. 

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Usually, the development team may invite users to join the testnet to get constructive feedback. This is to thoroughly find and fix bugs and receive more suggestions to enrich the network. In Unicorn Ultra's case is a decentralized network; thereby, any suggestions need to be voted on first by the ecosystem community.


What is the Testnet coin?

Generally, Testnets provide valuable simulation tools that enable testers to experiment with cryptocurrencies and try any function that is worryless about any consequences. Any testnet needs a coin to test new features, such as making transactions on the network to make sure everything is working as expected. They can also be used to learn how the blockchain works without the risk of losing real money.  

It's the Testnet coin. 

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What is the U2U Testnet coin?

U2U Testnet coin is a particular type of cryptocurrency used for testing purposes. In the Testnet stage, U2U Testnet coins are given away for free; any developers, builders, creators, or enthusiasts can also be obtained from online faucets. 

U2U Testnet coin can be used to test the U2U wallets and transact on U2U Exchange. It even interacts with decentralized applications on the Unicorn Ultra blockchain ecosystem. In fact, U2U Wallet recorded more than 12 million transactions in the testnet stage. The developers want to have as many transactions as possible to test stability and speed and consider future scalability.

An important note is U2U Testnet coins are not real coins. They are only used for testing and development purposes and are not intended to be used for actual transactions. U2U Testnet coins will be invalidated on Mainnet, and they are not convertible into U2U tokens.

If you're wondering how to get U2U testnet coins, you're in the right place! Let us find out right here.


How to get U2U testnet coin

Meet to Earn - Earn U2U Testnet Coins by Socializing

With U2U Wallet, you can easily connect with others on the platform by simply scanning each other's QR wallet codes. And with each scan, you'll receive U2U testnet coins that you can use to make purchases or even exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Here's how it works:


Step 1: Connect with Others

Meet to Earn allows you to earn U2U testnet coins by connecting with others on the U2U Wallet platform.

Step 2: Scan QR Code

Once you've connected with another user, simply scan their QR code or share your own to start earning U2U testnet coins.

Step 3: Earn & Enjoy

For each QR code you scan, you can receive U2U testnet coins ranging from 1 to 5. And the rewards from Meet to Earn are yours to enjoy.

In addition to the "Meet to Earn" feature, there is another way to earn U2U testnet coins. The U2U Faucet offers a quick and easy process for obtaining these coins without any social authentication or wait times. If you're interested in testing the functionality of your application or simply exploring the U2U platform, the U2U Faucet is a great way to get started.

U2U Faucet: Hassle-Free Testnet Token Acquisition


Unlike other faucets that require social authentication or place you in a queue to wait for a testnet token, U2U Faucet offers a hassle-free experience. You can request U2U testnet coins every hour without any authentication, making the testing process smoother and more efficient.

Here's how you can request U2U testnet coins through the U2U Faucet:

Request  through the U2U Wallet:

  1. Open U2U Wallet. If you don't have it, please download it at:
  2. Access the "U2U Faucet" on the DAPP BROWSER interface
  3. Click "Faucet"  to receive U2U testnet coins

Request through the U2U Faucet website:

  1. Access:
  2. Enter the U2U address
  3. Click "Faucet" to receive token U2U testnet coins

Please note: With the U2U faucet, you can request U2U testnet coins every hour, making the testing process smoother and more efficient.

How to faucet the U2U Testnet coin?

A Faucet is a type of website or software that allows users to receive a free amount of cryptocurrency after completing one or more basic tasks on the specified product. Most blockchain projects, when implementing Testnet use Faucet to give away free testnet coins for those involved to experience.

In Unicorn Ultra's case, the development team is expecting this Testnet to act as an arrow that hits two goals: it can encourage users to find bugs and identify a community group likely to be highly interested in the project. So this Testnet stage is one of the most exciting events of the Unicorn Ultra project.

Currently, there are two methods for faucet U2U Testnet coin.

Method 1:

  • Step 1: Download the U2U Wallet app (on iOS or Android)
  • Step 2: Access the tab name DAPP BROWSER U2U Faucet
  • Step 3: Connect your Wallet to link with the current U2U Wallet
  • Step 4: Verify Captcha
  • Step 5: Click the FAUCET button to proceed with the Faucet

Method 2:

  • Step 1: Download the U2U Wallet app (on iOS or Android)
  • Step 2: Visit the website:
  • Step 3: Enter the U2U Wallet address in the wallet address box
  • Step 4: Verify Captcha
  • Step 5: Click the FAUCET button to proceed with the Faucet

In the early time of this Testnet stage, the faucet process can only be done through U2U Wallet. For some, it may be a small minus point. Still, the development team wants as many transactions on the Wallet as possible to test stability and speed and consider future scalability. Besides, each U2U Wallet can get 1 U2U faucet/ 1 hour/1 time.

The above article has shown you how to get U2U testnet coin. U2U offers two convenient ways for acquiring U2U testnet coins: the Meet to Earn feature and the U2U Faucet. Both methods are easy to use and provide hassle-free access to U2U testnet coins, enabling you to test the functionality of your application or simply explore the U2U ecosystem. So, what are you waiting for? Start earning U2U testnet coins today! Follow for more infomation.

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