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Compilation of Unicorn Ultra's notable monthly recap in April

Let's take a look back at u2u's outstanding events in the last explosive April. What notable events did u2u have? Let's find out in the following article

U2U had an eventful month in April, with exciting updates and developments in their Blockchain Layer 1 ecosystem. Their multi-cryptocurrency wallet app, U2U Wallet, has gained attention for its innovative approach. U2U has also expanded into the music industry with U2Music, an app offering personalized music and AI-powered recommendations. U2U has released a roadmap and launched an NFT campaign. Let's explore the details!

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U2U Access the world

U2U, the Blockchain Layer 1 project, has been gaining a lot of attention lately in tech and financial news circles. U2U Wallet, the decentralized and multi-cryptocurrency wallet application, allows users to buy, send, receive, stake, trade, and store cryptocurrencies, all through one single app. As U2U continues to grow and expand, we can expect to see even more innovative and exciting developments from this groundbreaking platform.


U2Music is available on App Store & CH Play!

U2Music is now available for download on App Store and CH Play, enabling users to sync their own music via Google Drive and Dropbox, listen to media from any website, enjoy music from YouTube without ads, and take advantage of an AI-powered engine for interest-based recommendations, copyrighted music distribution, and enhanced song value.

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U2U Roadmap - Stages of growth

We are thrilled to present the roadmap of U2U, which outlines the upcoming stages of growth for our platform. We are diligently following this roadmap and are delighted with the results so far. Looking ahead to 2023, we are eagerly anticipating the exciting developments that are in store.


U2U ecosystem's vision

U2U also recently announced its roadmap, with a focus on three key areas: technology vision, application development vision, and user development vision. The company aims to become a pioneering high-tech company by applying blockchain technology to create new solutions for business models, build the U2U Wallet into an all-in-one app that provides solutions for user problems, and reach 200,000 users by the end of 2023, with 1 million regular users by the end of 2024, and 3 million regular users by 2027. Become part of U2U's vision and join our ecosystem today!

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Explore U2U NFT's promising values with Uni-Astro

U2U recently organized an NFT mint event called Uni-Astro on U2NFT, which is the NFT marketplace of the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem. The campaign consisted of five mint series, each corresponding to a set of NFTs. Those who were able to collect all five sets of Uni-Astro had the opportunity to receive valuable rewards. 

Uni-Astro Egg whitelist round:

  • 1 PM UTC 24 - 1 PM UTC 25 April
  • Mint Price: 10 U2U Testnet
  • Total Uni-Astro Eggs minted this round: 5,000

Uni-Astro Eggs public round:

  • 1 PM UTC April 25 - Until sold out
  • Mint Price: 20 U2U Testnet
  • Total Uni-Astro Eggs minted this round: 5,000


U2U Wallet New Features Update

Finally, U2U Wallet has released its latest update, featuring two new additions: the Uni-Astro Eggs Dapp and NFT Display features. With these new features, users can easily mint and manage their NFTs within the U2U Wallet app.

In conclusion, U2U has made significant progress in April with the release of U2Music, the U2U Roadmap, and the Uni-Astro NFT campaign. The U2U Wallet continues to impress with its innovative approach to managing digital assets, and its latest update with new NFT features enhances the user experience even further. With its clear vision for growth and expansion, U2U is well-positioned to become a leader in the blockchain industry. As we look forward to the rest of 2023, we can expect even more exciting developments from this groundbreaking platform. Stay tuned! Follow to update more information, outstanding events.

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