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Network, Connect, Learn: Unicorn Ultra's Exclusive Blockchain Networking Event

Don't miss Unicorn Ultra's networking event on March 7th, where you can stay up to update the latest trends and connect with leading experts in the field of Blockchain in Vietnam.

Don't miss Unicorn Ultra's networking event on March 7th, where you can stay up to update the latest trends and connect with leading experts in the field of Blockchain in Vietnam.

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Introducing Unicorn Ultra (U2U)

The Unicorn Ultra (U2U) project is attracting the attention of many individuals and businesses, becoming a hot topic on technology and financial news sites. Notably, U2U is a Layer 1 blockchain platform focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and decentralized super applications (Super Dapps), providing optimized products for users. U2U has 4 main products including:

* U2U Chain: A blockchain platform built on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), using Zero Knowledge technology to enhance strength, security, and privacy.

* U2U Wallet: Super application to enter the world of Web 3, with valuable utilities for users, and security solutions at low cost!

* U2U NFT Marketplace: Web3 NFT Marketplace - where users can trade, buy and sell digital assets. Also, you can create your NFT collection

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* U2U Bridge: a bridge to move assets more easily and securely between blockchains.

Investors can better understand the technological capacity of the Ultra Unicorn community as well as the vision of "Building a community - Building a unicorn" through these categories.


Why is Unicorn Ultra?

With the mission of optimizing user experience, U2U possesses outstanding features including:

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* Fast + Scalable: 10,000 transactions per second

* Gas: no fees in the ecosystem & very low fees on EVM

* Decentralized: blocks are distributed around the world

* No Front-Running: limit fraud, ensure transaction transparency

* Environmentally friendly: save energy, reduce carbon emissions

* Community management: Governance Engine mechanism ensures transparency for the community

Unicorn Ultra is committed to solving technical problems, managing digital assets, and DApps, and maintaining investor and user experience. The project always tries its best to bring benefits to investors, with every stage being carefully prepared and using the best utilities to build and develop an ecosystem invested in and developed by the community. development and operation.

Unicorn Ultra officially announced the upcoming Networking event on March 7, organized to connect communities, KOL, BD, and C-level in the Vietnamese Blockchain market. This event is one of the prerequisite activities for the main event on March 9, to warm up the atmosphere before entering the official activities of the project.

The networking event is an opportunity for communities, KOL, BD, and C-level in the Vietnam Blockchain market to learn about blockchain technology as well as outstanding features of the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem. At the event, investors also have the opportunity to connect with people who have invested before and discuss the potential and prospects of the project.

To ensure the success of the event, Unicorn Ultra has carefully prepared with the best facilities, we hope the Networking event will help increase interest and create momentum for the main event on 9/3, At the same time, it is also an opportunity for us to exchange, connect and learn from people who are passionate about and share the same passion for blockchain.


Unicorn Ultra Show Networking Event program information

- Time: 07/03/2023

- Location: Capella Gallery Hall, No. 24, D. February 3, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

To quickly update information about the event soon, visit Unicorn Ultra's website right away!

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