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Partnership For The Next Big Things: Unicorn Ultra Network x Hashlock

Unicorn Ultra Network (U2U Network) is officially partnering with Hashlock - Australia's leading independent blockchain cybersecurity and smart contract auditing firm.

U2U Network is a DAG-based and EVM-compatible blockchain focused on revolutionizing real-world applications with infinite scalability and decentralization on demands. U2U Network facilitates complex, high-performance decentralized applications with unmatched security and efficiency, as well as is committed to delivering the one-stop solution for enterprise-level needs.

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Meanwhile, Hashlock is a highly specialized Blockchain Cybersecurity firm coming from manual analysis, community auditing backgrounds, and white hat hacking, differentiated by the quantity of findings and maintaining a high level of collaboration with clients, both in Australia and globally. 

Under this new alliance, Hashlock will join forces with the U2U Foundation, offering its top-tier cybersecurity and smart contract auditing services as a strategic resource for the foundation's portfolio of startup Web3/Blockchain projects, as well as those nurtured by the accelerators and incubators sponsored by the foundation. This partnership ensures that individual projects within the U2U Foundation’s ambit can directly engage Hashlock for their cybersecurity needs, fostering a secure environment for innovation and growth.

An integral component of this partnership is the cross-sharing of projects between U2U Network and Hashlock, promoting a fertile ground for collaboration and mutual growth. Both entities are committed to supporting each other’s marketing activities, amplifying their reach and impact within the blockchain community. This mutual support extends to sharing expertise, resources, and networks to propel the visibility and success of each other's initiatives. In addition, U2U Network will proudly display Hashlock’s logo as a key partner across its platforms, and make a formal announcement about this partnership to its vibrant community. This gesture not only signifies the strength and potential of our collaboration but also ensures our community is well-informed about the enhanced security and auditing standards backing the projects within our network.

Further solidifying our commitment, U2U Network will announce the signing of a MOU with Hashlock to its community. This MOU is a testament to our shared goal of acting as a strategic resource for the U2U Foundation's portfolio of early-stage projects, ensuring they are developed on a network that is not only scalable and efficient but also secure from the ground up.

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This partnership between U2U Network and Hashlock marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards creating a safer, more secure blockchain ecosystem. By combining Hashlock’s cybersecurity prowess with U2U Network’s innovative blockchain infrastructure, we are setting a new standard for the development, security, and success of DeFi and Web3 projects. As we move forward, our collaboration with Hashlock underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation, security, and the success of our community, laying the groundwork for a future where blockchain technology is accessible, secure, and transformative for all.

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