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Nebulas Testnet Campaign: An Incredible Opportunity

U2U Chain is gearing up for a significant leap forward as the digital horizon expands. On August 26th, 2023 the tech world will buzz with the launch of the "Nebulas Testnet Campaign", a transformative initiative promising an unparalleled exploration into the realm of decentralization. Here is what blockchain aficionados should gear up for.


Nebulas Testnet Campaign Goals

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Campaign Goals

Participation Conditions for All Tasks:

The requirement to follow U2U's Social Channels

  • Complete Tasks required to follow U2U's social channels (30 points)

- Follow Twitter (10 points)

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- Join Discord (10 points)

- Join Telegram (10 points)

  • Daily Task (5 points daily)

- This task requires daily users to return to the landing page to perform. Daily tasks will take place from the start of the campaign to the end. Only users who complete this task daily are eligible to receive the reward of this task when the campaign ends (attendee check). Every 24 hours there will be a new task

- Requirements: Users make a transaction to send U2U testnet tokens to an available wallet address => This task creates a habit for users to follow the campaign and increase daily transactions

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- Generate testnet tokens for my DAPP products

- You can claim U2U Testnet on U2U Coucil's site

- Day 1: Send U2U Testnet token from U2U Wallet to wallet address... <Address given> (1 point)

- Day 2: Send U2S

  • Testnet token from U2U Wallet to wallet address... <Address given> (1 point)

- Day 3: Send U2F Testnet token from U2U Wallet to wallet address... <Address given> (1 point)

- Day 4: Swap U2U Testnet token to BNB Testnet token on U2 SWAP (1 point)

- Day 5: Swap ETH Testnet token to U2U Testnet token on U2 SWAP (1 point)

  • How many days does the campaign last, it corresponds to the number of daily tasks
  • One-Time Tasks (170 points)

- Tasks for users to experience the U2U ecosystem

- Upon completion, users can immediately receive the NFT reward for the task

  • Quest 1: Explore U2U Wallet

- Task1: Send U2U Testnet From U2U Wallet To Another Address (10 points)

  • Quest 2: Explore U2 SWAP

- Task 1: Swap any token on U2 SWAP to any other tokens (20 points)

- Task 2: Add liquidity to any liquidity pool on U2 SWAP (20 points)

- Task 3: Deposit tokens into Yield Farming Pool on U2 SWAP (20 points)

- Task 4: Stake token on U2 SWAP (20 points)

  • Quest 3: Explore U2 NFT

- Task 1: Buy any NFT on U2 NFT (20 points)

- Task 2: List 1 NFT on U2 NFT (20 points)

  • Quest 4: U2 Tool

- Task 1: Create 1 token on U2U Chain (20 points)

- Task 2: Make 1 transaction buy using the multi-sender tool (20 points)


Nebulas Testnet Campaign NFT Rewards

Earn NFT Rewards

  • There are 4 levels of rewards awarded, with 4 names as follows:
  • NFT Users

Quantity: 100000

Need 230 points

Requirements: Complete basic participation conditions and One-Time tasks + 6 days Daily Tasks

  • NFT Gold Users:

Quantity: 50000

Need 245 points + 1 NFTs

Requirements: Complete basic eligibility and One-Time tasks + 9 days Daily Tasks + Claim at least 1 NFT MileStone

  • NFT Diamond Users:

Quantity: 20000

Need 255 points + 3 NFTs

Requirements: Complete basic participation conditions and One-Time tasks + 11 days Daily Tasks + Claim at least 3 NFTs

  • NFT Platinum Users

Quantity: 10000

Requires 275 points + 5 NFTs

Requirements: Complete all Offchain and One-Time tasks + 15 days Daily Tasks + Claim at least 5 NFTs MileStone


  • Twitter

- NFT 50k followers on Twitter

- NFT 100k followers on Twitter

  • Telegram

- NFT 15k members on Telegram

- NFT 30k members on Telegram

- NFT 50k members on Telegram

  • Discord

- NFT 5k members on Discords

- NFT 7k5 members on Discords

- NFT 10k members on Discords

MILE STONE NFT and Worth the Hunt

- Milestone NFT is a kind of NFT like collectible cards and digital memorabilia.

- NFT Milestone holds value, and marks for early users who love and support U2U Chain. Value is set from the floor price and promises to be enhanced by the ability to transact anywhere on U2NFT and towards the entire ecosystem of U2U

In particular, Milestone NFT has a certain expectation when the developer of the U2U Chain project reveals: "will start giving ownership of Milestone NFT when it has enough followers on Tele, Twitter, and Discord as planned."

Benefits of owning "Milestone NFT”

Nebulas Testnet Campaign opportunity

Nebulas Testnet Campaign: An Incredible Opportunity

- The opportunity to receive Airdrop when U2U Mainnet is one of the opportunities to make money from zero, not to be missed, causing the community to stir.

- Owning Milestone NFT is like owning a treasure, as it gives users the opportunity to participate in the U2U Chain Private Sale and more special events in the future.

- Once minted, Milestone NFT will become the official digital asset of the U2U Chain, enabling the ability to buy and sell on the U2NFT Marketplace. The market value will increase based on the development and completion of the U2U Chain project.

Big Event for Pioneering Users

Successfully completing the tasks of each mission allows users to mint a reward NFT. They can then track their completed missions and acquired NFTs on the landing page.

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