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Chain Capital joins U2U Network as Lead Investor

We are excited to announce that Chain Capital- a prestigious Venture Capital renowned for its focus on infrastructure, AI & DePIN projects, has become the Lead Investor in U2U Network's Seed Funding round.

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Established in 2017 with its headquarters in Singapore, Chain Capital is one of the leading crypto funds in Asia, with a proven investment portfolio of over 300 quality projects covering the sector of infrastructure (L1/L2), DeFi, Gamefi, Bitcoin ecosystem, AI & Web3, etc. Besides the investment, Chain Capital facilitates the project’s lifecycle with comprehensive support through advisory, resource docking, and incubation by leveraging years of extraordinary experience and know-how from expert team members and industry ecosystem resources. Chain Capital's impressive investment capabilities are demonstrated by numerous strategic success cases. Its portfolio is diversified across unicorn Layer-1 ecosystems that have reached billion-dollar valuations such as Solana, Polkadot, Celo, and Algorand, as well as DePIN projects like Filecoin, and Theta Network with a remarkable number of active users. Additionally, it includes several prominent protocols offering scalability solutions like Skale, and Metis.

Positioned as a one-stop ecosystem for Web3 builders, U2U Network commits to developing a reliable infrastructure with a focus on the Modular Layer-1 Network, Subnet Technology, and DePIN Ecosystem. 

With years in R&D, U2U Network's Layer-1 leverages the innovative Helios Consensus mechanism, boasting an impressive throughput of 17,000 transactions per second (TPS) and a finality time of approximately 650 milliseconds. This high-performance framework not only ensures swift and efficient transaction processing but also maintains compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Besides that, we’ve developed U2U Subnet Technology and OstracismVM as scaling solutions, without sacrificing Speed, Reliability, and Security. DApps built on U2U Subnet will reduce their reliance on the mainnet for data availability. Operating your Subnet means possessing a module on top of a U2U Network while still maintaining decentralization, security, and consensus. Transactions executed on the subnet will affirm U2U Chain scalability, network performance, and near-zero transaction costs.

Pioneering the Subnet Technology & the DePIN Ecosystem that U2U aims to build, U2DPN emerges. U2DPN builds upon the foundational principles of DPNs to offer a secure, user-centric network that not only protects privacy but also incentivizes participation. After four weeks of Alpha launch, this product is demonstrating noteworthy figures that are uncommon in the industry: over 60,000 downloads, almost 45,000 mobility contributor nodes, and over 10 terabytes of bandwidth supplied over the U2DPN Subnet. This contributes to the bedrock of the DePIN Subnet Ecosystem as the comprehensive infrastructure support for DePIN applications laying a solid foundation for the DePIN Applications.

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By leading the seed round, Chain Capital is endorsing an ambitious vision of U2U Network to unleash utopia. "We see in U2U Network an intriguing balance between the traditional core of Layer-1 blockchain and prominent innovations such as modular expansion for blockchain and DePIN, indicating their strong technological capabilities and their ability to grasp the real needs of the industry like scalability, reliable infrastructure, and hardware requirements for a dynamic builder community. In many respects, this is an undeniable strength to ensure the sustainable success of a project."- said Mr.Simon, Founder of Chain Capital.

This strategic investment extends beyond U2U Network’s development to encompass U2U Labs, focusing on Subnet Protocol R&D for a decentralized internet ecosystem and seamless developer integration through Subnet SDK. Additionally, it aims to diversify and strengthen the network by attracting more DePIN applications, and services and expanding users across the globe.

Perhaps most exciting is the commitment to bring DePIN into mass adoption by developing Web3 IoT devices. This initiative signifies a leap towards integrating the digital with the physical, creating a seamless interface between users and technology. By pioneering the development of Web3 IoT hardware, Chain Capital and the U2U Network are not just envisioning a new era of internet infrastructure; they are actively building it. This investment marks a milestone in the journey toward a decentralized future, demonstrating the transformative power of collaboration and innovation in the Web3 space.

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